About Me

Meet Your Devoted Doula, Courtney Busha

Welcome all mothers, partners and families!

I am an Atlanta native serving the greater Metro area. Before becoming a Doula, I pursued a degree in Clinical Social Work and used my natural care-giving skills in home health aid for both the elderly and those will chronic health conditions.

I have found my life’s purpose as a Doula. Ever since my first training in 2016, I have redirected my whole life toward Birth Work and serving women and families. I have always found genuine happiness within caring for others, so becoming a Doula has been an absolute dream come true for me!

I am a DONA and International Doula Institute trained birth Doula, certified breastfeeding consultant, and Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator. I have been trained in home birth assistance, as well as having experience in postpartum support. 

I pride myself on continuing my education by both self-study and seeking other certifications and classes as I go further into my career. Because of this, I am confident I can provide important knowledge and resources during this most important life event!

I am welcoming and supportive to women and families of all walks of life!

My services are here to provide advocacy, education, and support for natural-path childbirth; whether that be at home, at a birth center or in a hospital. Each birth experience is uniquely its own and because of that, I support a woman’s right to choose how and where her baby comes into the world!

My personal specialties are in home birth. I also offer support for mothers who are pregnant after miscarriage or abortion, mothers that have experienced previous abuse or a traumatic birth, as well as surrogate mothers.

Birth is a transformative experience for a woman, that requires a mind/body/spirit connection. Some books that inspire my beliefs and values of birth are: Ina May's Spiritual Midwifery and Guide to Childbirth, Birthing from Within, Childbirth without Fear, and The Thinking Woman's Guide to Childbirth. 

It brings me so much joy to serve women during this sacred time, and my passion grows with each birth I witness! I see each mother's journey as it's own unique miracle and as a Doula I feel honored to be able to contribute my expertise and passion to women and families in the greater Atlanta area!