What is a Doula?

AKA: Labor Coach, Childbirth Assistant, Birth Advocate, Pregnancy and Birth Mentor

By the original Greek definition, a Doula is a woman caregiver. Doula's are non-medical professionals that dedicate themselves as a support role to an expectant mother. The pillars of a Doula's role are: physical support, emotional support, partner support, and evidence based information and advocacy. A Doula's duties are tailored to each individual mother, but our essential purpose remains the same:
We are here to empower and advocate you through your unique birth experience!

Why should you hire a Doula?

Statistics have shown that births with a Doula present have:

>60% reduction in epidural requests

>50% reduction in the cesarean rate

>40% reduction in forceps or vacuum delivery

>25% shorter labor

>14% decrease in the risk of newborn admission into special care nursery

What will I do for you?

>I will create the most personal birth experience possible!

>I will support not only you, but your partner, family, or whomever you choose to include along this journey.

>I will maintain open communication and return all emails or phone calls within 24 hours.

>I will answer each and all your questions honestly and fully.

>I will respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality.

>I will keep your environment safe and secure at all times.

>I will ensure that your birth plan is followed through to your wishes.

>I will give you my full devoted care and knowledge!

Does a Doula replace medical staff?

>A Doula does NOT replace a doctor, midwife or nurse.

>I do not preform any type of medical evaluation or exams.

>I will never come between you and your physician or partner.

>I do not make decisions for you or your partner.

>I will never judge you within any decision made throughout your process.

To read more about the evidence based information about Doulas and the childbirth community, follow the link below to the DONA International website.