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Willis Family

Let me start by telling you that my mother is a nurse of over 30 years and my oldest sister is a doctor... To say that (I) received some initial backlash from them for the decision to hire a doula would be an understatement. Hence the trepidation I felt at the decision, but my partner and I ultimately decided to have a doula for our birth experience because it's what we wanted and believed would be best for all (three) of us. 
Courtney couldn't have been or done anything more for us; she was the perfect addition to our birthing support team. She was helpful, encouraging, supportive and informative throughout my pregnancy, from before we even officially picked her as our doula until after the arrival of our precious baby. 
I labored for over forty hours, exactly 24 hours of labor at the hospital and Courtney was there for practically every one. During that very long day of completely natural labor and birth, she was patient and calm, constantly caring for and reminding me of the techniques we learned for managing sensations and that "my body was made for this." This was an affirmation we decided would be specifically helpful and motivating to us during labor. 
Our experience with Courtney and Doula Devotion was so positive and if it's possible, I would have her again for every birth hereafter.